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The UK Oblates Team are a small group of volunteer oblates from various monasteries who, since the first World Oblates Congress in 2005, have formed a team to act as a conduit for information for oblates and thus established this website for oblates and monastic communities, who may wish to make use thereof. We want to provide information about oblates and for oblates, and about the different Benedictine monastic communities that exist in Great Britain and Ireland.

Chair: Frances Bailess (Minster)
Treasurer: Neil Zoladkiewicz (Ealing)
Secretary: Currently vacant
UK National Coordinator for 5th World Congress: Neil Zoladkiewicz (Ealing)
Website Manager: Roddy Maddocks (Douai)

Oblate Team Members: Marie Liveing (St Cecilia’s), Thomas Brunnhuber (Douai), Klara Brunnhuber (Douai), John McKinlay (Pluscarden), Rev Sr Benedict Gaughan (Minster), Stephen Day (Prinknash), Fr Stephen Horton (Prinknash),
Angela Greenwood (WCCM), Jane Coll (Pluscarden).
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Would you like to help other Oblates?

Here are three ways you could help:

  1. SUPPORT an oblate with a gift towards expenses to help them attend the ANNUAL RETREAT
  2. SUPPORT an oblate by contributing to a SCHOLARSHIP FUND for the next OBLATE CONGRESS in 2023 to help Oblates from poorer countries to attend.
  3. SUPPORT our UK OBLATE NETWORK by a gift towards the upkeep and running of our website and the UK Oblate Team admin costs.

All team members are self-supporting and seldom seek reimbursement for expenses towards telephone calls, stationary etc, but any assistance you are able to give towards the ongoing expenses of updating the website will be very gratefully received.

Donations can be made by cheque payable to ‘UK Oblates Team’ and sent to the treasurer: Neil Zoladkiewicz, 24 Virginia Close, New Malden, Surrey KT3 3RB.

Alternatively, a credit transfer can be made to our account: Sort Code 08-92-99; Account No 65302976 with a supporting e mail to Neil Zoladkiewicz at


The Team met online on 25th July 2020, 16th Jan 2021, 6th June 2021, 18th Sept 2021,8th Jan 2022, 9th April 2022 and 24th Sept 2022.

The next Team meeting is planned for 14th January 2023

UK Oblates TEAM MEETING February 2020

The photo shows: (L-R) Thomas, Stephen, Angela, Neil, Frances, John, Klara

On 22 February 2020, seven members of the Team met at Ealing Abbey, with hospitality kindly organised by the Oblate Director, Father Timothy. Discussion included a review of the 9th Retreat, held at Belmont Abbey in October 2019, followed by plans for the next two retreats, and the 2021 World Congress in Rome. Nigel Spencer has stepped down from the Team and our thanks go to him for his role as secretary. Likewise, Pam Morey, a founder member of UKOT with 13 years of exemplary service, has stepped down. Flowers were sent to her by the Team.

The next Team meeting is planned for 29th July 2020 at Prinknash Abbey.

UK Oblates TEAM MEETING July 2019

The photo shows: (L-R) Nigel, Fr Stephen, Sr Benedict, Stephen, Pam, Neil, Frances


Seven Team members met at Prinknash Abbey and enjoyed the kind hospitality of the Community. With some members staying overnight at either Prinknash or Brownshill, a decisive meeting ensued, covering finance, the website and retreat planning to 2021. The next Team meeting is planned for February 2020 at Ealing Abbey.

UK Oblates TEAM MEETING March 2019

The photo shows: Back row Marie; Front row (L-R) Neil, Angela, Frances, Stephen, Pam, Roddy


Seven Team members met at Douai Abbey, three having enjoyed the peace of a monastic evening the night before, and early Mass with the Community. A range of subjects was discussed, including suggestions for the website, an update on the 5th World Congress 2021, planning details for the 9th National Retreat, 14-16th October 2019 at Belmont Abbey, and the 10th National Retreat, 2-4 October 2020 at Douai Abbey. There was time to speak to some members of the Community, including Father Gervase Holdaway, Director of Douai Oblates. The next Team meeting is planned for 6 July 2019 at Prinknash Abbey.

UK Oblates TEAM MEETING November 2018

The photo shows: Back row (L-R) Marie, Kitty, Stephen Front row (L-R) Pam, Neil, Angela, Frances

Eight Team members and a guest met at Ealing Abbey, thanks to the kind hospitality of the Community. Following Terce and Mass, a fruitful meeting ensued. Klara Brunnhuber gave a fine presentation of the recent meeting of Benedictine oblate volunteers in Rome, to initiate the planning of the 5th World Congress of Benedictine Oblates 2021. The next Team meeting is planned for March 2019 at Douai Abbey.

UK Oblates TEAM MEETING June 2018

The photo shows, from left to right, Stephen Day, (Prinknash); John McKinlay, (Pluscarden); Pam Morey, (Prinknash); Father Stephen, (Prinknash); Neil Zoladkiewicz, (Ealing); Frances Bailess, (Minster).

Six team members met at Prinknash Abbey and extend gratitude for the kind hospitality provided. The day started with Mass, kindly offered by Father Stephen, and continued with the meeting covering a variety of subjects including the website and forthcoming retreats. The next meeting is planned for November 2018, at Ealing Abbey

UK Oblates TEAM MEETING March 2018

The picture shows, from left to right Neil Zoladkiewicz (Ealing), Pam Morey (Prinknash), Klara Brunnhuber (Douai), Sister Benedict Gaughan (Minster), John McKinlay (Pluscarden), Frances Bailess (Minster), Nigel Spencer (Douai), Thomas Brunnhuber (Douai).

The team met at Minster Abbey where it enjoyed Benedictine hospitality provided by Sister Benedict, Oblate Director, and the Community, to whom our gratitude is due. Eight members attended, with some staying overnight, attending Mass and the Divine Office.We shall miss Fr Mark Hargreaves who has stepped down. Our thanks to Nigel Spencer who was elected as secretary and to Neil Zoladkiewicx who became treasurer. Klara Brunnhuber brought us up to date on the Oblate Vision following the
4th World Congress of Benedictine Oblates. A range of topics was discussed including fund-raising and the forthcoming 8th National Retreat at Mount St Bernard’s Abbey. We expect to meet again in June 2018. 


The picture shows, from Left to Right : Roddy Maddocks (Douai); Stephen Day (Prinknash); Klara and Thomas Brunnhuber (Douai); Marie Living (St Cecilia’s, Isle of Wight); Pam Morey (Prinknash); Neil Zoladkiewicz (Ealing); Eileen Dutt (WCCM); Frances Bailess (Minster); Sr Benedict Gaughan (Minster) had to leave early to catch a train.

This was the first meeting of the Team since the 4th International Congress in Rome at the beginning of November.  Ealing Abbey again offered us their hospitality and ten members were present together with Fr Timothy Gorham, their oblate master.
Following the Congress three new oblates have joined the Team – Neil Zoladkiewicz, an Ealing oblate, and Madelaine Lee and Nigel Spencer both Douai oblates.  Neil was present at the meeting and was duly introduced to those members of the Team who had not been at the Congress.
Klara and Thomas gave a very detailed report on the Congress and the Team expressed their deep gratitude to them both for their commitment and dedication which had ensured that the Congress not only ran smoothly but was enjoyed by all who were there.
After some seven years at the helm Pam has stepped down as Chair and Frances has kindly agreed to take over the reins.  The Team thanked Pam for all she had done over the years and Frances will receive their support as the UKOT and the Benedictine communities move forward into the future.
Our next meeting is planned for March.

UK TEAM Following the Congress

Seven members of the Team enjoyed the 4th International Congress in Rome 4-10 November 2017 – it is such a wonderful occasion when we are able to meet up with fellow oblates from all around the world.  We have been truly blessed.
When attending each Congress we are always on the look out for new members to join the Team and this Congress was no exception.  Eileen Dutt, who represents WCCM, is looking to step down from her membership of the Team, and we are hoping that another oblate from the WCCM will shortly be joining us.

We are delighted to welcome three new members to the Team – Nigel Spencer and Madelaine Lee from Douai Abbey, and Neil Zoladkiewicz from Ealing Abbey.
We will be meeting before the end of the month when Frances Bailess will be taking over from Pam Morey as Chair of UKOT.


The Keynote speaker at this Congress was Sr Joan Chittister OSB, and her talk is accessible here for those who wish.

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