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Abbot Hugh Gilbert OSBUnfolding the Mystery: Monastic Conferences on the Liturgical YearGracewing Publishing, ISBN 9780852440933This book was listed in The Tablet’s ‘Books of the Year’.
Abbot Hugh Gilbert OSBLiving the Mystery: Monastic Markers on the Christian WayGracewing Publishing ISBN 9780852446928
Trisha DayInside the School of Charity: Lessons from the MonasteryLay Cistercian, Iowa, USA
Michael Casey OCSO & David Tomlins OCSOIntroducing Benedict’s Rule: A Program of Formation. This book is available solely
Rev Dr Nicholas BuxtonTantalus and the Pelican: Exploring Monastic Spirituality Today.ISBN: 1847061117
Peta Dunstan The Labour of Obdience – The Benedictines of Pershore, Nashdom & Elmore – A co-publication with the Anglo-Catholic History Society, Canterbury Press. ISBN: 1853119741
The Oblate Life ISBN978-1-853111-883-8
The Benedictine Handbook ISBN 1-85311-499-5
Patrick Barry OSBSt Benedict & Christianity in England ISBN 0-85244-338-2
Patrick Barry OSB & othersWisdom from the Monastery. The Rule of St Benedict for Everyday LivingISBN 1-85311-684-X
Jean-Francois Baudoz OSBWith Christ. The Gospel under the Guidance of St BenedictISBN 0-8146-1828-6
Luke Bell OSBA Deep and Subtle Joy, Life at Quarr AbbeyISBN 0-85244-676-4
Robert BensonA Good Life: Benedict’s Guide to Everyday JoyISBN 1-55725-356-0
Aquinata Bockmann OSBPerspectives on the Rule of St BenedictISBN 0-8146-3041-3
Carol BonomoHumble Pie. St Benedict’s Ladder of HumilityISBN 0-8192-1960-6
Carmen Acevedo ButcherLife of St Benedict. Man of BlessingISBN 1-55725-485-0
Michael Casey OCSOTruthful Living: St Benedict’s Teaching on HumilityISBN 0-85244-503-2
Michael CaseyStrangers to the City: A Voice from the MonasteryISBN 1-55725-460-5
John Chapman OSBSpiritual LettersISBN 0-86012-334-0
Joan Chittister OSBThe Rule of Benedict: Insights for the AgesISBN 0-8245-2503-5
Lonni Collins Pratt &Daniel Homan OSBBenedict’s Way ISBN 0-8294-1787-7
Lonni Collins Pratt &Daniel Homan OSBRadical Hospitality: Benedict’s Way of LoveISBN 1-55725-309-9
Elizabeth CranhamHeart Whispers: Benedictine Values for Today0-86347-398-9
Eric DeanSt Benedict for the LaityISBN 0-8146-1595-3
Pierre-Francois de Bethune OSBBy Faith & Hospitality. The Monastic Tradition as a model for Interrelious EncounterISBN 0-85244-548-2
Mayeul de Dreuille OSBFrom East to West: A History of MonasticismISBN 0-85244-464-8
Mayeul de Dreuille OSBSeeking the Absolute: The Founders of MonasticismISBN 0-85244-469-0
Wil DerkseThe Rule for Beginners: Spirituality for Daily LIfeISBN 0-8146-2802-8
Adalbert de VogueReading St Benedict. Reflections on the RuleISBN 0-87907-651-8
Adalbert de VogueThe Rule of St Benedict. Doctrinal and Spiritual CommentaryISBN 0-87907-854-5
Esther de WaalA Life-Giving Way: A Commentary on the Rule of St BenedictISBN 0-8264-9090-5
Esther de WaalLiving with Contradiction: Introduction to the Spirituality of St BenedictISBN 1-85311-179-1
Esther de WaalSeeking God: The Way of St BenedictISBN 1-85311-346-8
Esther de WaalThe Way of Simplicity: The Cistercian TraditionISBN 0-232-52264-2
Vena Eastwood Benedict Rules – OK!ISBN 0-85244-680-2
Mary C EarleBeginning Again. Benedictine Wisdom for Living and IllnessISBN 0-8192-1965-7
ed David Hugh FarmerBenedict’s DisciplesISBN 0-85244-274-2
Hugh Feiss OSBEssential Monastic WisdomISBN 0-06-062483-3
ed Laurence Freeman OSBMonasteries without Walls. The Spiritual Letters of John MainISBN 1-85311-737-4
St Gregory the GreatLife & Miracles of St BenedictISBN 0-8146-0321-1
Anselm GrunBenedict of Nursia: His Message for TodayISBN 0-8146-2910-5
ed Patrick Hart OCSOA Monastic Vision for the 21st Century – Where do we go from here?ISBN 13 978-0-87907-057-1
ed Patrick Hart OCSOThomas Merton Monk. A Monastic TributeISBN 13 0-87907-752-2
ed Patrick HenryBenedict’s DharmaISBN 0 8264-6193-X
Albert Holtz OSB& Lynne MuirPilgrim Road. A Benedictine Journey through LentISBN 0-8192-2251-0
Verna A Holyhead SGS& Lynne MuirThe Gift of St BenedictISBN 1-8759-3892-3
Katherine HowardPraying with BenedictISBN 0-88489-379-0
Denis Huerre OSBLetters to My Brothers & SistersISBN 0-8146-2241-0
Cardinal Basil Hume OSBSearching for GodISBN 0-932506-92-5
Cardinal Basil Hume OSBIn Praise of BenedictISBN 0-85244-379-X
Christopher JamisonFinding Sanctuary – Monastic Steps for Everyday LivingISBN-10 0 297 85132 2
Christopher JamisonFinding Happiness – Monastic Steps for a Fulfilling LifeISBN 978 0 297 85277 3
Terrence Kardong OSBThe BenedictinesISBN 1-907271-92-8
Terrence G KardongDay by Day with Saint BenedictISBN 0-8146-3042-1
ed Linda Kilzer OSB& Roberta BondiBenedict in the World: Portraits of Monastic OblatesISBN 0-8146-2571-1
Francis KlineLovers of the Place: Monasticism Loose in the ChurchISBN 0-8146-2428-6
Dwight LongeneckerSt Benedict & St ThereseISBN 0-85244-521-0
Dwight LongeneckerListen My Son: St Benedict for FathersISBN 0-85244-463-X
Anthony Marett-Crosby OSBThe Foundations of Christian EnglandISBN 0-85244-434-6
Thomas MertonBasic Principles of Monastic SpiritualityISBN 0-87243-222-X
Dom Augustine MorrisOblates: Life with St BenedictISBN0-9519354-0-2
Kathleen NorrisThe Cloister WalkISBN 0-7459-4198-2
Kathleen NorrisAmazing GraceISBN 0-7459-4200-8
Guy-Marie Oury OSBA Monastic Pilgrimage: Following in the Steps of St BenedictISBN 1-879007-28-2
M Basil PenningtonEngaging the World with MertonISBN 0-55725-438-9
M Basil PenningtonThomas Merton, My BrotherISBN 0-904287-53-X
Dom Jean Prou OSBWalled About with God. The History and Spirituality of enclosure for cloistered nunsISBN 13 0-85344-645-4
David RobinsonThe Family CloisterISBN 0-8245-2503-5
Auguistine Roberts OCSOCentered on Christ. A Guide to Monastic ProfessionISBN 13 978-0-87907-074-8
ed Geoffrey Scott OSBDouai 1903 – Woolhampton 2003 – A Centenary HistoryISBN 0-900704-43-8
Geoffrey Scott OSBGothic Rage Undone: English Monks in the Age of EnlightenmentISBN 0-9502759-9-9
Frances ShawOsbern’s Life of AlfegeISBN 0-85439-574-1
Rachel M SrubasOblation: Meditations on St Benedict’s RuleISBN 0-940147-14-9
Julian Stead OSBSt Benedict: A Rule for BeginnersISBN 1-56548-098-8
Columba Stewart OSBPrayer & Community: The Benedictine TraditionISBN 0-23252-240-5
ed Laura Swan OSBThe Benedictine TraditionISBN 0-8146-1914-8
Brian C. TaylorSpirituality for Everyday Living: An Adaptation of the Rule of St BenedictISBN 0-8146-1757-3
Mark Tierney OSB Bl Columba MarmionISBN 1-85607-305-X
Ambrose Tinsley OSBPAX: The Benedictine WayISBN 1-85607-121-9
Ambrose Tinsley OSBPAX: Carried by the Current. A Benedictine PerspectiveISBN 1-85607-458-7
Jane TomaineSt Benedict’s Toolbox. The Nuts & Bolts of Everyday Benedictine LivingISBN 0-8192-2152-X
Br Benedict TvedtenHow to be a Monastic and not Leave your Ordinary Job: An Invitation to Oblate LifeISBN 0-1-55725-449-4
Br Benedict TvedtenThe View from a MonasteryISBN 0-1-55725-477-X
Norvene Vest OblOSBPreferring Christ: A devotional Commentary & Workbook on the Rule of St BenedictISBN 0-8192-1991-6
Norvene Vest OblOSBFriend of the Soul: A Benedictine Spirituality of WorkISBN 1-56101-138-X
Norvene Vest OblOSBNo Moment Too Small: Rhythms of Silence, Prayer and Holy ReadingISBN 1-56101-092-8
Norvene Vest OblOSBDesiring Life: Benedict on Wisdom and the Good LifeISBN 1-56101-182-7
Norvene Vest OblOSBBenedict: Stories of the Great SaintISBN 0-940147-43-2
Robert WaldronWalking with Kathleen Norris: A Contemplative JourneyISBN 0-8091-4470-9
ed Hannah Ward & Jennifer WildThe Monastic Way Ancient Wisdom for Contemporary LivingISBN 1-85311-757-9
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