Benedictine Prayer Circle

There has been a need for a prayer circle for some time to allow oblates from many different locations, and with varying degrees of health and fitness, perhaps unable to attend meetings, to be able to join in prayer together to Our Blessed Lord, Our Blessed Lady, and St Benedict, our patron , and ask for their assistance and blessing in our lives! This notion has been discussed and shared with a number of different people including Fr Martin, the Oblatemaster at Pluscarden Abbey and in turn Fr Anselm, his Abbot. It has also been warmly welcomed by the community at Prinknash Abbey, and members of the UK Oblate team.

The idea is to help oblates who might feel lonely or isolated to connect, through prayer, with their brother and sister oblates, and so be part of the Oblate brotherhood of prayer. The prayer schedule is taken from the Benedictine Prayer Book – a short breviary, based of course, on the rule of St Benedict, and will be made available to all oblates who wish to sign up, and make a commitment to regular prayer.

There is opportunity for personal intentions, within the schedule, and in this way we are praying together for our own as well as the intentions of our fellow oblates.
It is hoped that we join in prayer as an Oblate community at midday on Friday each week. Those who wish may pray together on a daily basis if they so wish. The prayers will only take 5 minutes of our time, so it is not arduous!

If interested please contact John G McKinlay by email on: for further details, and/or a copy of the prayer schedule.

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Monos is a charitable organisation that through education and community seeks to foster a Monastic Spirit within the Christian Church and Society.

French Benedictine Oblates Website

American Oblates Website is an excellent website managed by a husband and wife John and Terri, who are oblates of St Leo Abbey, Pasco County Florida, USA

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