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Seventh National Retreat for Benedictine Oblates

The Seventh National Retreat for Benedictine Oblates
was held at Douai Abbey 24-26 March and was attended by 17 oblates from Minster, Mt St Bernard, WCCM, Chilworth, Prinknash, Ampleforth, Saccidananda Ashram, Douai, Salisbury and Quarr.

Two years ago when we were at Douai on retreat we welcomed an oblate who was in her 99th year – you can imagine how delighted we were to welcome her back this time, now in her 101st year! Yvonne was a wonderful example to us all.  It was a truly blessed 48 hours which were very much enhanced, yet again, by our facilitator, Fr Gervase, the oblate master at Douai.  The theme was ‘Living as an Oblate in 2017’ – we began as comparative strangers and left as good friends.

The 8th National Retreat to be organised by the UK Oblates Team is to be at Mt St Bernard 15th – 18th October 2018.  A date to go in your diaries now!  It is scheduled to be led by Abbot Erik Varden, the abbot of Mt St Bernard, and Sr Mary Philippa, a member of the Bernardine community at Brownshill.  To find out more and to book a place on this Retreat contact
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