Thought for the month – April 2019

In October last year I made a visit to Assisi, the home of Saints Francis and Clare. As you might imagine, it is a place of peace and stillness despite the many tourists and pilgrims who trudge [...]

Thought for the month – March 2019

March is a time of change, a time of new life bursting into the world. We rejoice to see colour and brightness in the world around us as flowers erupt again from the earth, blossom drapes the [...]

Thought for the month – October 2018

I believe I have been gently guided along my railway track by an unseen force and, although I am gradually reaching the buffers at the end of the line, it is clear from the stations I have passed [...]

Thought for the month – September 2018

“Let them prefer nothing whatever to Christ” – these words from the Rule of St. Benedict are so well known. We read them on prayer cards and it is a phrase which surely has a special place in the [...]

Thought for the month – August 2018

One of my most significant memories of August is a day when we were returning to the airport after a holiday with friends in Croatia. As the bus drew into Split we started to hear singing from [...]

Thought for the month – July 2018

There is a joy about July, a time of freedom to just be and enjoy our being. There is an explosion of colour around us, warmth, sunshine, and song. It is a time to be with others, a time to be [...]

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