Thought for the month – July 2018

There is a joy about July, a time of freedom to just be and enjoy our being. There is an explosion of colour around us, warmth, sunshine, and song. It is a time to be with others, a time to be [...]

Thought for the month – June 2018

I have recently been involved in creating several short pilgrimage trails around Caithness, based on the missionary efforts of the early Celtic saints. According to the standard histories, the [...]

Thought for the month – May 2018

May is the month of Our Blessed Lady “All my own perception of beauty both in majesty and simplicity is founded on Our Lady.” J.R.R.Tolkein Traditionally May is the month of Mary, when we [...]

Thought for the month – April 2018

There is an article in the popular liturgical monthly ‘The Magnificat’ called ‘How the Church has changed the world.’ The following might be entitled ‘How Benedict changed the world.’ Outside the [...]

Thought for the month – March 2018

“This is my beloved Son.  Listen to Him.” (The Transfiguration: Mark 9:2-10) As I write we are about to enter the 2nd Sunday of Lent 2018.  I have been trying  hard to recall why, at the end of [...]

Thought for the month – February 2018

Saint Benedict’s Change of Heart It is easy to read the story of St Benedict and St Scholastica as told in the Dialogues of St. Gregory the Great, and see it merely as a charming example of [...]

Thought for the month – January 2018

I hate New Year resolutions. I nearly always make one, usually break it and even not infrequently forget what it was. From my discussions with others I don’t think I am alone in this. [...]

December 2017

ADVENT is about waiting – not the anxious waiting at the hospital bedside, the irritated and impatient waiting in the checkout queue, nor the essentially depressed waiting for better weather, [...]

November 2017

The only story of [the life of Pope St Callistus] we have is from someone who hated him and what he stood for, an author identified as Saint Hippolytus, a rival candidate for the chair of Peter. [...]

October 2017

T S Eliot wrote of golden October declining into sombre November; the year was 1170, that of Thomas Becket’s murder in the cathedral at Canterbury. October’s English Benedictine calendar reveals [...]