Let me walk in His path by the guidance of the Gospel.

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Devotion to Our Lady is a great part of Benedictine life and many churches and monasteries are dedicated to her and entrusted to her protection.
The Church has beautiful ways of gathering together and drawing close to Mary, both in prayer and song, especially at the end of the day when we entrust ourselves to her protection at the close of the day

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7th National Retreat for Benedictine Oblates at Douai Abbey 24-26 March 2017 
UK Team
Five members of the Team journeyed to Downside Abbey on 18th June for a most useful meeting. We were given more details of next year’s International Benedictine Oblates ...
The 4th World Congress of Benedictine Oblates will take place 4-10 November 2017 at the Salesianum just outside Rome. Preparations are in full swing, coordinated by Fr Edward ...
There has been a need for a prayer circle for some time to allow oblates from many different locations, and with varying degrees of health and fitness, perhaps unable to ...