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Thought for the month – September 2019

I recently attended a retreat week-end at Pluscarden Abbey, led by Bishop Richard Moth, an oblate of the abbey. Knowing that I had this article to write, I was hoping for inspiration over the week-end. Sure enough, the first talk was based on the story of Martha and Mary. Bishop Moth suggested that we all needed to be a mixture of Martha and Mary – practical and contempative.

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Whenever any important business has to be done in the monastery, let the Abbot call together the whole community and state the matter to be acted upon.


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The Team

The UK Oblates Team are volunteers from various monasteries. Read more…


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There has been a need for a prayer circle to enable people to join in prayer. Read more…

The UK Oblates Team are a small group of volunteer oblates from various monasteries who, since the first World Oblates Congress in 2005, have formed a team to act as a conduit for information for oblates and thus established this website for oblates and monastic communities, who may wish to make use thereof. We want to provide information about oblates and for oblates, and about the different Benedictine monastic communities that exist in Great Britain and Ireland. Read more…

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